It is almost as if there were only one correct answer. How could one *DARE* to disagree?
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No. Not at all

I think it is a style of presenting information or an argument.

They will go on to explain a set of beliefs and statements about a subject and at the end say "Do you agree"

Obviously in any philosophical / political argument there is always the rebuttle:


I agree with point # 1,2,3 - and that may make sense, How ever in your statements and points about (x-y-z) I refute this and feel it is invalid for the following reasons:

The person can go on and site research and referances on why somehting does not stand up to reason or authenticity.

So really the maybe the focus is more on the person that is ansering the question and how easily can be be manipulated or swayed.

Any one with strong beliefs and logical reasoning / and self confidence will know how to state their beliefs in a professinal and well stated manner no matter how the question is stated or arranged.

This is only my opinion from what I have seen in University and debates and common experainces in conversations with every day adults that have strong opinions and knowlege in a an area they are being asked about.

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Leading and clever I'd say :)

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No. If they say, " you DO agree, don't you?" then yeah. Nice try though

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Sorry, wrong answer. BZZZZTT!!

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Only to those without a mind of their own.

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You mean something you agree that I'm going to eat you? you agree that tonight is a doggie you agree I'm going to rape you?..those kinda stuff?

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