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If you want to compare an internet war between the wars of WWI and WWII; then you need to read up on your history. Even if there was a mass war fought via internet, I highly doubt it would cause the emotional devastation both WW caused. Seeing bodies burned during WWII in innocent civilian villages in Vietnam, the passion for justice in WWI and the like all drove Americans to unite collectively (minus the hippies of the 60s) to fight against a common enemy. Seeing something happen virtually, would never bring emotions like that. In my opinion anyway.

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Social networking sites, no. I do think cyberwarfare will play a bigger part in the future, and technology too, rather than the boots-on-the-ground approach. Probably more covert operations--no more war fought in daylight. Head for the shadows.

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No, but I do believe that it will not be fought on the ground, or in the air, or at sea. It will be fought by button pushers and they will destroy us all with their weapons and their egos.

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no...:/ I think world war three will be fought via conventional seize and secure methods, by force if necessary.

The concept of war has changed a lot. War's are already being fought via social networking sites.

And in some places of the world, in some Arab nations in particular; If you express your freedom of speech and political views in a way threatening to it's leadership ect. That leadership might take your blog site down, or ban you from that particular social network or even by force come and detain/imprison you.

And who know's maybe we have adverted world conflict in such a way now, that the world would rather unite for it's common causes than fighting for what ever cause we might fight?

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