Do you automatically associate a colour (without really thinking) to a day of the week or a number between 0 and 9, and if so what are the colours that you associate with either the days of the week or the numbers (Pardon the edit, this was originally submitted by mobile but it didn't seem to take the whole question). ** Thanks for all your answers. I didn't realise it was as unusual as it seems to be. I always thought it was normal but I was interested in how the colours might vary per individual. Best answer chosen for giving me a name of the 'condition' to read up on.
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I don't, but I wish I did. This is call synthesia it is so cool!

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Sunday is clouds with a slight pinkish tinge

Monday is clear,and reflective

Tuesday is pear green

Wedensday is a soft yellow

Thursday is sky blue

Friday is midnight blue

Saturday is a bright green

0 is black and white

1 is nothing

2 is biege

3 is soft orange

4 is red

5 is dark blueish green

6 is bright green

7 is dark blueish purple

8 is citrus yellow

9 is chocolate

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Yes, I do. I don't see it as a strange thing - it's just something that I've always done.

Monday = primary red

tuesday = no colour

wednesday = dark, navy blue

thursday = either buttery yellow or very very dark green, I can't decide

friday = fresh, bright green

saturday = golden, like the late sun filtering down through the woods

sunday = egg yolky yellow or cornflower blue.

I don't really associate numbers with colours as much as days, but they do have characters:

0 = white. Cheeky, yet wise. Mischief maker.

1 = red, like a dark strawberry, but the colour is mat. A female. Introspective, patient, quiet, kind.

2 = grass green. A male. Is 1's best friend. Outspoken yet caring. Will stand up for one. Impulsive.

3 = also red. A female. Lonely, but doesn't show it. Covers it up with bossiness. Insecure. Jealous.

4 = brown. A male. Studious and kind. Mostly keeps to himself.

5 = blue. A male. Extrovert. Loves to party.

6 = no colour. A female. Thoughtfel and likes to have fun. Girlfriend of 8.

7 = deep, almost black purple. A female. Driven, a good friend. Sad inside because she still love 8 even though he's her ex.

8 = no colour. A male. Not assertive, on the edge of passive. He loves both 6 and 7 *tut tut*

9 = no colour. A female. Supreme ruler with 10 (who is old and wise. And a male if you're wondering.) Assertive, rational.

The story behind the numbers developed when I was really young with a very active imagination.

I've just confirmed my weirdness to you all.

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blue monday

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What a neat question! I've never really thought about it before, but yes, I have a color for each day of the week! Saturdays are green, Sundays are yellow, Mondays are purple, Tuesdays are blue... and so on!

No so much for colors, only 7=yellow (don't know why exactly, but I always imagine sevens as being yellow). The other colors are always black.

As for the artistic thing, I like artsy things, but I'm really no good at them. I can't draw, my calligraphy is chicken scratch... About all I can do is beadwork because it comes with charts! :)

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I used to have that very strongly as a child. I even had more than just a colour for Friday, which was a green rectangle with 3 black dots, like a domino.

These days I don't have that association as much anymore.

Still have it with numbers and colours though, for example 6 is red, 0 is white, 9 is black.

I'm not artistic either, and not creative, I'm much more mathematical/scientific.

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I hadn't really thought about it, but yes -- I do visualize colors with the days of the week. Tuesday is blue, for example. No, sameswag, I'm not artisitic at all! LOL!

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Yeah, It's like my brain works automatically for these things .. It just like that =)

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No!.......Never,....Not at ALL!

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I don't, but it is proven that people who are artistically inclined will do this. It is a very low percentage, but there are scientific studies proving that guitarists associate a certain string to, say, the color yellow. Or an artist will associate a certain sound with the color purple. This can also be vice-versa. A musician can also associate a certain color to a particular sound. It can happen with numbers too.

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Um - no.

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