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Life is forever cyclical. When body, my shell stops working (all things have a shelf life)...and I die! The earth will soak my remains, and I will ultimately be used to fuel life for someone/something else. Whether if it's the bugs that eat me or the dirt I melt in...something will feast and nourish itself on me...

And so the cycle will continue....

So, I believe in Death after Life...death ends life.

When we die, we become what we were before birth...

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Deep and mystical!!

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Thanks flipper

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as much as I believe in death before life..

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im not sure if i do or not

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Death is non-existent.

It is only changing of forms.

Physical elements exist eternally.

Human souls exist eternally.

And because our souls exist eternally,

we should learn how to enjoy our

spiritual journey throughout the

innumerable worlds of the One True God.

This is taught again and again by God's Messengers.

God the Creator is Pre-existent.

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No I believe in ghosts and our spirit and life after death. I am not concerned about the hereafter its the moment of death that scares me but I believe when I get to the other side apart from not having to eat or sleep or age or having aches and pains life continues and you are able to meet friends and family. You probably think I am mad well too many people who are perfectly sane have seen felt or heard ghosts. Ghosts are people who have died in bad ways and they have something they have to do before they can go over.

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I believe in death after life as much or less than I believe in life after death. Life after death just seams more likely to me.

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You can't ask such a question: because you'll never believe in something others say until you have experienced it yourself... until something of that nature makes you believe the opinions of others are irrelevant.

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You are born ,live your life and die ,Death comes to us all.I have never known of anyone come back and spread the word that it was good..

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i dont no really,i hope there something nicer after this life,not saying this life is bad now.

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