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unlucky28 unlucky28 26-30, F 4 Answers Dec 11, 2012 in Community

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The year of the last lunar eclipse 1999 )i think) I lived in a beautiful house in Exmouth, my grandmother got it cheap because it used to be an old people's home...At night faces would appear out of the wallpaper in my room and stare at me and my sister who shared a room at this time. Once when it was just me my sister and my uncle in the house, my uncle took my sister downstairs onto the decking for a cigarette leaving me in the bedroom, jealous, i watched them out of the window when i heard footsteps.<br />
Outside our bedroom was a long creepy corridor and at the end of it was the bathroom.<br />
The footsteps echoed, Slowly they walked then faster and faster until it was running, it reached our bedroom door and rattled the handle violently, it then ran to the end of the corridor to the bathroom and switched the light on.<br />
I was about 10 or 11 and was so scared. I walked to the end of the corridor cautiously and looked in the bathroom but there was nothing there, the light cord was still swinging and my uncle and sister were still downstairs...creepy or what?<br />
Though not nearly as creepy as the time i awoke in the middle of the night, walked around of my bedroom twice, fumbled in the sink then shouted at my sister to get out of my bed cuz i wanted to sleep. (While i was doing this i was concious, yet unconcious i was aware of what i was doing but couldn't stop myself, i think that night a spirit entered my body for a short time.<br />
My poor sister awoke, confused that i was shouting at her and directed me to my bed.<br />
This was my first ghost experience.

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I don't believe in the existence of actual ghosts, however, I do believe in the existence of demons. I believe when something unexplainable happens (supernatural) that it's either the hand of God or the work of Satan. Just my take.<br />
<br />
I was sitting on the couch w my husband and we both saw a big dark spot float across the top of the staircase. We didn't compare stories till much later, in fear of the other thinking we were crazy LOL So I sat there terrified for a bit, then we heard a big bang in the kitchen, and we found that our ceiling fan blade "fell off" But after looking at it, the metal looked as if it had been something pulled downwards on that particular fan blade. It was very creepy. We moved out within that month after discussing other strange happenings, like walking through oddly cold spots on occasion and watching our small son be very afraid for no apparent or evident reason. Just too creepy for me.

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