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I must have gotten a guardian snail, It shows up about two minutes late every time I could really use the help.

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lmao bad luck

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yes in human form.

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They're just amateur wannabe fascists.

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Yes I do..I talk with an angel everyday...

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Brilliant True Story Angel Encounters Today! The 37 Best BOOKS:-

(1)‘Angels’By Hope Price.

(2)’Angels’By Billy Graham.

(3)’Where Miracles Happen’ By Joan W. Anderson.

(4)‘Where Angels Walk’ By J.Anderson.

(5)’Angels & Devils’ By J.Cruz.

(6)’Angels(& Demons)’ By P.J.Kreeft.

(7)'Angels Among Us'By Ron Rhodes.

(8)‘Angels &Their Mission’By J.Danielou.

(9)’The Angels:The Catholic Teaching’By Fr.P.Parente.

(10)‘Angels’By J.Woolmer.

(11)‘Angels:Elect &Evil,Revised’ By C.F. Dickason.

(12)’Seeing Angels’By E.HeathcoteJames.

(13)’God Stories:Inspiring Encounters’By J. Skiff- a CNN Journalist

(14)’Guardian Angels’ BY J.Anderson.

(15) ’A Study of Angels’By Dr.E.Myers.

(16)’Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People’ByTherese Marszalek.

(17)’Miracles Still Happen’By S.Stone.

(18)’Christian Miracles’By J.S.Bell.

(19)’When Heaven Invades Earth’By B.Johnson.

(20)’Seeing the Unseen’By J.Beam.

(21)’Angels on Assignment’By B.Roland.

(22)’Angels:Who They Are & How They Help’By Dr. D.Jeremiah.

(23)’Angels On Assignment’By P.Stone.

(24)’Psalm 91:Real-Life Stories of God's Shield’By P.Ruth.

(25)’Saved By Angels’By B.V.Natta.

(26)‘90 Minutes in Heaven’By D.Piper.

(27)’A Message From God’By A.McPherson.

(28)’The Boy who came back from Heaven’By K.Malarke.

(29)‘Heaven is for Real’By T.Burpo.

(30)’Visions Beyond The Veil’By H.A.Baker.

(31)’On the side of the Angels’By Harold Begbie about Mons Angels.

(32)’ EFT Miracles & Angels’By Dr.V.Pearce.

(33)’Angels All Around Us’By A.DeStefano.

(34)’Touched by a Miracle: More True Stories….’ By N.Ladner-Bischoff.

(35)’An Angel's Touch’By Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff.

(36)Your own personal encounter written on your heart life mind and soul amen…………….

(37)’The Bible’ By Divine Inspiration an account of God’s presence in the world. It contains over 300 plus historic angel encounters. The world Best Vital angel Book. A scientific manual to the world, to life,to spirits and to angels. Surpassed by NONE!

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Yes, and I'm very grateful for mine.

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yes I do. very much so....they get us through life, and show us our wrongs

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Yes I do. Recently I travelled abroad and my flight was very late getting back to the USA. I got to the airport at 1 a.m. and had to pick up my car at the parking garage. I was worried about driving at that time of the morning as I had to drive through certain undesirable areas to get to my home. I prayed that my journey would be safe. When I picked up my car I decided to take one route that I thought would be safer than the other, passing by my church and a cemetary. I figured that no one would want to hang around the cemetary road at that time. When I got to a certain intersection I saw a white limousine ahead of me. It was driving slowly and I stayed behind it. I continued driving and everytime I checked in the rearview mirror there was not a single car in back of me. At a certain point the limousine got into the middle lane as if to turn off and I got parallel to it to peer at the driver. It pulled off ahead of me but I didnt see any driver. It continued ahead of me and stayed ahead of me until it turned off just 3 short blocks from my street.. When I got to my street there was only one parking space left on both sides of the street. I think I was given a guardian angel that night to guide be safely back home.

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