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Yes - cause and effect

Things dont happen for a reason becasue thee is some master intelligence manipulating everyone and everythiong thing to elaborate plan

BUT things happen ebcasue other things contrive to cause them. You wont win the lottery unless you buy a ticket. You wont buy a ticket unless you have some money. You cant buy it with money if the shop is closed. So for anything to happen a number of things have to be there to allow that one thing to happen. But still you have free choice and may take another path. you could at the last moment decide to buy a newspaper and look for a better job, or buy a chocolate bar because you are hungry

Cause and effect - driven by free choice - nothing else

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my belief has nothing to do with the reality of cause and effect.

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I do, just as every life has a purpose. Everyone and their life experiences make them who they are, we are given the chances to be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, humanitarians, as well as liars, theives, and murders.

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yes, but what people don't realize is that it may not be for a good reason. Or that that reason may have nothing to do with them.

Take for example an madman going on a shooting rampage. Well, someone really did screw him over and so his reason for shooting random people was vengeance, it just didn't have anything to do with the people he shot nor was it a good reason to shoot them.

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Yes I do, I don't think it was down to chance I met the girl of my dreams!

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I do not believe that no. I have just seen too much evidence to support that there is much randomness in things and bad things happen to good people everyday because of this.

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