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Saying I Love You, and having your actions show otherwise,

Is like saying your Sorry for something,and then turning

around and doing the same thing again.

Logic dictates you aren't Sorry or you wouldn't keep doing it.

It's EASY to say I LOVE YOU

It's EASY to say I'm SORRY

The PROOF is in the PUDDING!


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Actions speak louder than words... but its nice to have the words too :)

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I don't generalize ... I look at each situation independently. One person may believe he loves me but in truth, he doesn't know what love really is. Another person may truly love me but is too messed up for whatever reason to show it.

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Depends on the situation. See, my (soon to be ex) husband says he loves me, and that I mean the world to him, but his actions don't show it. I wouldn't treat a person I hated the way he treated me through the last year of our marriage. I couldn't not realize, acknowledge, or apologize for how such actions could be hurtful and damaging to someone I loved. And I would never so easily let someone I truly loved walk out the door like he did. So, no based on the fact that his actions don't reflect his words, I don't believe him.

But at the same time, I realized that he's somewhat screwed up, and part of me really does think he thinks love is expressed by simply spoiling a person materially, but I still think at the base of every human heart, you know that cruelty and neglect in every way possible doesn't express love. So no, I don't believe him.

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I believe that God loves me. Whether someone truly loves me or not, is between them and God. Just like if I am lying, within my heart, about my love for someone. We all know what love is to us, so we should always give what we desire.....give our very best, in spite of how others are toward we can do this is by giving and doing everything, as if we are doing and giving to God.

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Would I be glad to hear it, yes, but I'd rather not hear it if the person's heart isn't in it !! Cheapens the most wonderful words in the world !!

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I used to but not anymore.

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" I think.. If a person really loves you then he/she will definitely try to show the same in actions , even if he/she doesn't want to ... will make an effort. Irrespective what type relationship it is...each relationship is defined by a persons action and presence...."

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What a difficult post to answer. Too broad --- and opens up too many doors.

Your post depends upon (and you never mentioned it) --- just "how long" your "relationship" has lasted.

Next: It is virtually impossible to describe "love". Let alone, a relationship. But, let's try it.

IMO, "love" depends upon trust, loyalty, devotion and a willingness to give and take. I think my favorite description of "love" is missing someone --- every minute that (they) are gone from your life. Every minute drags on like an hour --- until he or she "comes home". All day, your life had dark clouds over you --- but the moment your loved-one comes "home" ---- then the dark clouds part --- and beautiful sunshine enters.

To answer your post: it's impossible to determine if "someone loves you". The test of time may well answer that. Let's see if (he or she) is "in love" with you after this test. You said "even if they don't show it".

That begs the question: if he or she "doesn't show it" ---- then that is cause for concern? We all have different ways of showing just how we love someone. BUT ---- we do it. It happens in different ways.

We all have different ways in which we show one another just how much we "love" them.

If, it is in your finding that you do not "see nor feel" (this) ---- then, one would have to wonder whether or not this person "truly" loves you.

You will "feel" this and know it when it happens. Just give it some time.

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yes I do but not in relation to romantic relationships, I have a brother who has never hurt me once in my life and always been a great support, role model friend, always showed he loved me, and another who would hurt me emotionally growing up, who can be rude and abrupt, each says they love and I truely believe it I know they do and I 100 percent love them, differient people,

it depend on the pearson some people have alot more issues, you have to try to assess and understand tthem and there are people who say it and dont mean it like the girl obove said words are cheap or can be cheap im afraid its every pearson for themselfs x

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