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This is a good question. It is not, however, success will breed success, it is the people. Successful people have an attitude, a belief that is contagious, an enduring faith in themselves and their ability to succeed which sets them apart and on a path to success. The drive, the willingness to work, the drive to succeed, these are what can be gained by being around success, it is not success itself.

A good attitude, a willingness to do, a no nonsense drive to succeed are what I learned being around successful people

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I don't believe there's some magical unseen force where merely being in proximity of successful people will increase your own luck in life. But I do believe that collaboration promotes excellence, and collaborating with effective and experienced people is a very good idea. And successful people also have the means to invest in your success, if they like you.

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I'm in AA and all my friends are clean and sober. My close friends are the ones with long term sobriety who work the program hard. Hanging out with these people helps, but unless I do the work, I will not stay clean, sober and in recovery. As in anything, how much you get out depends on how much you put in...there is no substitute for hard work

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Errrm. Maybe? I mean, people are heavily influenced by their environments. If you hang around with drug addicts, you're much more likely to be a drug addict.

You should covet the sort of people you admire. If you think 'success' by whatever you means you define it is admirable, then by all means. It can't hurt.

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