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No I do not I think although we have made huge steps forward we are going backwards.

We are going backwards as people I worry about what the world is going to be like for my grandchildren.

What does it matter if we have a perfect world of technology of Nuclear warfare weapons electricity running water two car garages when we are losing our own souls.

People are starting to get meaner the helping each other way of life we had years ago is starting to disappear.

Banks making huge profits are putting people on the streets they are talking of a shortage of food and water if the population keeps growing at the rate it is.

People are losing the art of communication they walk the street like a zombie with either a phone or music stuck in their ear.


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absolutely not. we r proceeding blindly towards disastrous end. i have so many reasons supporting me. first of all producing hundreds of thousands tons of co2 and greenhouse gases. materialism and egoism have made us blind to love and cooperations, we r treating others even our owns as enemy on social level. on the country level all advanced or under developing countries becoming enemies each other and emulate in defence so they hoarding one and another missiles and bombs of newest technology that can decimate a whole country within few minutes. It is said that science has removed the distances and whole world is like a country itself, but is it right. may be we have eliminated distances, but our minds stand polar apart. result is every body is alone causing massive hike in depression patients.

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All change that is significant and long lasting takes time. In some respects, things are changing for the better. People are more aware of the plight of others all over the world, and some are starting up campaigns or other movements to help bring attention and needed assistance to stop those horrors or big issues. Right now, with people being at war, with so many people feeling all alone and dejected, with unemployment as it is with people going without work for years and suffering financial hardship, any change that helps these people to get back on their own two feet, is a good thing. Awareness. Education. Reaching out to others. Being more consciously aware of our own actions and words. Seeing everyone as brothers and sisters instead of as strangers and irrelevant individuals. All change that leads to evolvement and a higher plane of thinking, are good things. Change is very hard for most people, because change can be scary, but sometimes, change is exactly what we need.

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