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For sure He did. He died for the whole world. But only a few will believe. narrow is the way!!

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I believe jesus died on a stake in order to further gods loving plan for mankind,it was the ultimate sacrifice for humans. Now we have the opportunity to live forever on a paradise earth:-) How does his dying have to do with our living forever? John 3:15-17.

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NO, I heard he died on the cross for riding a donkey into Jerusalem and pretending to be the saviour, the king of kings.

I heard he'd read somewhere that a person would ride a donkey in to Jerusalem, and that person would be the saviour, so the stupid deluded fool jumped on a donkey and pretended to be that saviour.

For his stupidity the Romans treated him like the dummy he was, they promptly crowned him with thorns and then got him to drag a huge cross through the streets to make a mockery of him for being so stupid as to call himself the saviour, and when they'd had their fun, they nailed him to the cross and stabbed him.

So he died becuase he believed what he'd read and for being stupid enough to stir up the Romans, not for any other reason.

Obviously the man was an idiot, lol.

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Yes, as a lesson and not as a miracle.

Not because His crucifixion miraculously cleans

all our sins; but His absolute sacrifice teaches us

how to conduct a life of selfless love to turn this

planet into Paradise for all.

Bearing the cross of Christ to follow Him means

that the Christian believer is ready to accept

all sufferings, all humility, all hardships... to help

lost lambs who are indulging in physical desires

and selfish passions.

When more people learn the lesson of sacrifice, by

knowing that human true life is spiritual, trying to

conduct a life of love, unity and peace; then after

reflecting the qualities of God, all souls will return

to His as perfect as they were created.

Christ says clearly that He does not promise

paradise to people who call Him "O Lord, O Lord"

without doing the Will of His Father in Heaven.

Yes, this lesson is as clear as the sun of midday.

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