do you believe that some people have more luck than the others ? .. can you name some people from TV or anywhere that you think they are just lucky ? and what do you think about yourself .. do you think you are lucky or not (:o :)
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I believe that people make their own luck, which is why I believe that some have more luck than others.

I can't name names of people who are lucky and people who are unlucky... but I can say that if you think positively and the majority of your views are from an optimistic viewpoint than your life will more likely be filled with luck and happiness. Those who choose to be negative and constantly see their glass half-empty will not be able to see when there are good opportunities right in front of them making them unlucky.

I myself strive to be optimistic about everything and in my personal experience... on my pessimistic days nothing seems to go right. It is all about the energy you project in the world that creates your luck. I think for the most part I am lucky, although I am not immune to unlucky days either.

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Luck favors the prepared.

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I don't see it's luck; it's fate. Something is not in your fate and you never have it. I never got a call for a job, that I so wanted, although I topped all their tests. Blame it on God than luck.

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isn't that a 'touchy' question , i thought everyone would say like the reply form formerlyknownas but it's good to see highly optimist people like lost12345 over here. though her comments don't really match the nick name :)

well as far as i'm concerned , i'd say i believe YES luck factor varies and varies a lot from person to person and time to time and you can't really make it up when luck isn't favoring you. even the best of the plans fail and even the highly positive people falter.

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I have crappier luck than most people. Does that count?

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