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No, haven't you seen it from another angle? It's just totally a play on lighting. That one picture captured something that looked differently than it really is just because of the shadowing.

See some man-made examples:


If you have all these so-called truths from reporters and a "lost" photo, link them to the rest of us to support ur theories.

Try this as another view on your Mars Face:

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two reporters spent hours searching through NASAs photos+eventually found another of the face.NASA had denied any other photos existed,+it was misfiled under a different section.this photo proved the faces distinctive features were NOT a result of shadowing.when the reporters revealed their find at a NASA convention they were BOOED+ABUSED.NASA stopped being a civilian concern some years ago+is now a government tool for keeping the public ignorant of any ET issues

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lol no its completely real. I have a challenge for you - watch a play from one side of the theater, then watch it again on the other side. Or go see a dance, and move places again. Its amazing what you can and can't see from certain angles. This just happens to be a coincidence. Ever see someone from profile and you think its your friend, then they face you and you realize its not? Same deal - nobody would spend that much money just for cool face on a different planet!

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i take ur point but dont think it applies in this instance.NASAs arguments were that the reason that the face looked like a face was shadowing,the "lost"photo,taken at a different time+angle,proved this was not the case.if money was a known system to whoever made the face,they wouldnt have created it as a cool face,but they may have built it to attract others to the area.especially if it held news of warning as to what fate became of them.

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