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no I don't, I believe is just our fear of ending

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I do not! There is simply no purpose for it!

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yup there is.

and it determined by your actions in the world.

if u r (good) then u will be in the heaven ( i hope we all be there )

if u r not good then hell is waiting for u

i dont mean u . its only exaple of good and bad ppl

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yes, there is an afterlife

and it is open to all of us where we have learned to give up desire, hatred, anger and prejudice.... and the opportunity for us to learn how to give up those things presents itself throughout this lifetime. if we have not learned sufficiently, then we have to come back, reincarnate for another lifetime of experiential learning.

when we have learned what to let go and how to let go... then we are ready to let go of our bodies and allow our sentient consciousness to reunited with other consciousnesses and ultimately rejoin the universal consciousness, in a place of warm acceptance and flowing, unconditional, non-possessive love.

it is wonderful

............ yet scary to give up all that is familiar.

i am wondering what prompted you to ask this question, also what are your beliefs

respect, from robbie

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I like the way the Bible describes the pearly gates, streets of gold, no more tears, only happiness .. it's comforting and cool ... love it .

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Yes. I've never seen it personally. I tend to think NDE's are real...but our experiences guided by our life so that they can be something we understand. I don't believe any human can comprehend what happens after they die.

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