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Yes--the problem is getting them to give up all those special perks

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We'll ignore qualified things which you can't really nail down and 'prove' like stuff about sexualization, body image, and cultural issues.


When a women and a man have the same job, the trend is for women to make much less money.

Women are in fewer positions of power (political and corporate) than men.

Women are physically and sexually attacked by men to a far greater degree than men are attacked by women.

Women have more laws legislating their behaviour than men (worldwide).

I can go on. But these are like, raw stats that anyone can find and are pretty true worldwide. I'd say women have it better than at any point in history, but I believe we've actually regressed since the 1990s, which were likely the high point.

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No. Powerful and wealthy women ......have nearly equal footing ....but your regular working classed lady. Nah. Women are generally still expected to do most household stuff....especially dealing with kids.....and now you're supposed to work to but if anything goes wrong with those kids...we all look to the lady to drop everything. Then she won't even be employable without taking a huge pay cut.

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No, not yet, but we are gradually gaining ground

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In a well founded relationship a man treats his woman as he himself desires to be treated.

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They are not YET equal, but each decade, they seem to be inching closer towards full equality with men.

Maybe the NEXT decade...

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Not even close to being treated equal in most countries. Getting much better in some countries and I'd say Scandanavian countries and Iceland are leading the way in equality for women. In fact Iceland is I'd think the best country on earth to be a women. In most other western nations though I think we have a long, long way to go for there to be anything like true equality of the sexes.

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I suppose you don't believe in equality? Big alpha male like you who can't even find a women stupid enough to spend their life with you? Hardly surprising a psychotic fool like you would equate equality with being a lap dog. No wonder you're single! LOL

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