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I do. We're all here set on a purpose. For the greater good of humanity and to live life based on our choices until the end. We are finite. The universal is infinite. We are mortals within the plane of reality and spirituality. Our journey on earth is temporal but our journey in death is the beginning to eternal of euphoria or devastation.

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Yes, I am here for a very special reason. I am here to teach and lead the world.

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we are all here for a reason

.............. each of us has a value and a purpose

sometimes it is easy not to believe it

yet even the bad times have a purpose

.............. we experience and learn

beware of those who think they are in some way supreme and can show you "the way"

... they only show you their way,

......... they do not help you to find your way.

and invariably they are damaged people.

take care of yourself

respect, from robbie

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just another cog.......from the top predator on the food a single cell amoeba.....we all have a role to play

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No, i dont wanna be a tool. I prefer being nothing.

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its rainy and cold outside

Best Answer serve a purpose in life ♥, like help others in many ways...

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Everyone is here for a reason you will found out one day, Maybe its not today or tomorrow or even in a few years time but just be patient and u will see you are destined for great things :)

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yes!!!!! because GOD create me to live and enjoy in HIS greatness.

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I believe that if I were to believe that 100%, then I WOULD be here for a reason. Such is the power of belief

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Hope not.

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