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Do you ever feel bad about the things you have done. Do you think maybe you have caused some problems in other people’s lives … do you know that ?? Do you regret? Or do you justify and rationalize everything? Do you think you have learned from those mistakes (If you even see them ) I don’t want to make you feel guilty , I just wonder if you see how what you did had effects and consequences in other people lives and sometimes NOT GOOD effects.
bbbreezy bbbreezy 51-55, M 5 Answers Dec 15, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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No I have no regrets I may feel sorry about how you feel but do not make me do it and all will be great:-) Every one makes mistakes its how we in the Human race learn and to then beat yourself up over it only makes it get worse make peace with being human and move on. Do what you feel is right action:-)

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I regret a large amount of discussions I have had, for some reason I always look back and pick apart what I said until I feel like an absolute moron.

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it is hard to control everything that comes out our mouths ; at least thats what i have experienced

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