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What is real? No one can show or prove.

Only God is real and only He is the Knower.

None of us can see any real things; we only

see appearances and parts of things.

Is house a real thing? Grass a real thing? Monkey

a real thing? Man a real thing?

We unreal beings, exchanging unreal opnions

about unreal life. If we understand this fact we

we cease to dispute and to fight like our

immature ancestors for the unreal tombs on this earth.

And we will spend more time, energy, labor

to seek for God our Creator and thankfully bathe

in His true and boundless love.

Only the One True God is true.

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Well I do write about fictional characters all the time EP Link Please rate story up if you enjoy

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Yes. It is a sick joke.

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Yes all the time....

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yes but i get brought back to so called reality sharply when i dream its so real i believe it then i wake up here and im like **** no it was real

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nothing is real until you make it real.

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All the time

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It is true. Nothing is real. It's the opposite of Everything is real.

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No, but sometimes I feel like everything in my life is happening to someone else and I'm just along for the ride.

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most of the time

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Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

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