She couldn't figure out what i wanted and when I asked for a live representative she said "sorry I couldn't help you." and hung up! and then when i get so frustrated I just go to the place, they say "we have a number you can call in the future so you don't have to drive all the way down here."
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you will really enjoy these two websites then:

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As annoying as it is, I can't blame companies for using automated services. With all of the rude, ignorant, manipulating, lying people I've had to deal with over the years, it begins to really wear you down. If people were more understanding, honest and polite you would see a lot those automated systems start to disappear.

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Your call is very important to us...if you could stay on the will be answered in the order it was recieved....there currently 17 callers ahead of you....your estimated wait is 20 minutes.....( Sitar music as visions of belly dancers flood your head)......(37 minutes later) there is 3 calls ahead of you.....your call is important to us.........10 minutes later and a Sitar solo.....there are 7 calls ahead of you....

I snap.....WTF...HOW THE **** DO YOU COUNT DOWN FROM 3 TO 7 (CUSSING MY PHONE) Hello My Name is Mark....Sry for your wait the slurpee line was out the door....

Thats when i seriously snap....

Mark? How in the **** is your name Mark you dont even speak english Habeeb....

Sir can you calm down???

**** you I am not calming down...i want to speak to someone who speaks english!!!

Sir i assure you i speak perfect english....

Seriously....Mother F*cker you arent even any vowels in your words...You know what...just f*cken forget it and kiss my a$$ i slam the phone down!!!

Sry i got on a roll there...that kinda sh*t goes right through me!!!

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And its worse when you call the help desk over in the sand box while they are tending to their get computer help...when they are just going to contact your IT dept down the hall to walk 50' to fix the problem!!!!
But you cant just walk down and ask them to fix it for is required that you go through proper channels

Best Answer sentiment exactly! By the time i get through the bs I'm ready to cuss the person on the other end out lol

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Oh trust me i have had to talk to many customer service supervisors cause i go off on them

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lmao :-D

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I HATE AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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India... they choose "American" names to make us comfortable.. so anyhow.. what was I saying. No I won't shoot they guy with the odd name. But, blowing up a computer is fine by me.

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Would you like a slurpee while you wait?

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lol at least if they were from India they might understand my problem...although I usually have no idea what they are saying

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Tell them their number is unreliable and to give you an alternative number.

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