I broke up with my high school sweetheart of six years to find out who I am....but whenever I see him I immediately go home and go on a food binge to stuff down feelings of guilt for not loving him anymore.
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People change; their feelings change. You shouldn't feel guilty about that. Think how awful you'd feel if you'd stayed with him. You'd be unhappy and it would have hurt him even more. The guilt will ease up over time, but really, don't beat yourself to death over it. It's normal, and it's ok.

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I feel guilty about it, I broke someone's heart, someone who did nothing wrong. The chemistry wasn't there for me.

I am not sure if you will ever feel not guilty, except that person deserves to be with someone who will love them and if it isn't you, you did them a favor for freeing them.

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thank you.

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You are welcome! I look back on my person who was a great guy and I now wish more than anything I felt for him as he did for me. I may never be loved by someone as good as him again. I get choked up when I think about it.

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The breaking up part occurred for a reason.

That's not my fault alone.


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