I mean if you can't hear it whats the sense of having it, its just confusing.
konfusedd konfusedd 16-17, F 4 Answers Aug 27, 2012 in Community

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Must be for people in Mass. They pronounce words by ignoring letters.

IE: Worchester--- Pronounced as spelled wor-ches-ter

how they say it- Wooster. The r the c and the h are silent.

A town 40 miles away is Dorchester. By this logic it should be pronounced Dooster!

No. They say Dor-ches-ter.

I am confused!

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I think it has something to do with appearance

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Yea, there should just be more vowels.

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I think linguists were lazy in coining new words and they just re-adjusted words eg Know without "k" would be "now" instead of putting efforts they resorted to reshuffling.

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