Personally, I believe that fear creates evil. That people can do evil things as a reaction to their own fears (whether realized or not). Then, the pain they inflict, can cause fear in another, and the cycle continues.
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What is good and evil. My definition of good is anything that promotes or improves life. My definition of evil is anything that hinders life or promotes death. Perhaps we are spirits here to learn how to grow more loving. In that case there is no good or evil, it's all just a learning experience. But, I'm not sure of that. So for me, the only thing I'm sure of is that I'm here now, and alive, and want to stay alive.

Fear is a natural response to anticipated evil as we define it for ourselves. Is fear rational? Sometimes yes sometimes no. The key is "anticipated" evil. Often the anticipation is wrong, in which case fear creates evil in that it reduces our ability to be present, and causes pain because fear is an uncomfortable emotion. Our anticipation if right though is a good thing if we successfully take action to avoid the things we fear.

Fear reduces our intellectual functioning throwing us into a limbic response that often causes us to be reactionary halfwits. Drawing to the very thing we fear, in retaliation for our reaction.

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the question has been already beautifully answered by the first person here

However, there is something that I would like to add

Fear can help when the danger is real but that fear does not trouble us since it is a real response

Fear, which kill what fears what what is feared, is the psychological fear which is something evil since it caused all our miseries

I think this is the fear the person who asked the question had in his mind. That fear is to be removed and I have been quiet successful in removing that, but only after so much hard work

best wishes


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We get scared when we are children because we are small and defenceless. In later life this can turn to anger and even hatred.

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Fear definitely creates evil...

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Both. But, evil creates fear slightly more than fear creates evil.

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yes...i believe fear can cause evil...especialkly when u fear men in a way that causes you to be dead mans things bcuz in ur fear u justify urself b4 men instead of god...

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