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when i ask a question i always go back and look at what i wrote later and ive been finding that i get some really good advice when im not looking for it so i say thank you to all my fellow ep'ers.
UnexpectedSuspect UnexpectedSuspect 26-30 4 Answers Mar 1, 2012

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Yes. I have found that when I share of myself, I get support that I never thought I would get. It is really nice.

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so much depends<br />
upon<br />
a red wheel<br />
barrow<br />
glazed with rain<br />
water<br />
beside the white<br />
chickens.<br />

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The thoughts of two people are more valuable than money. When two people exchange dollar bills, each still has only one dollar. When they exchange ideas, each then has two ideas. (Unknown)<br />
<br />
Me too, thanks for all answers and given opportunities to answer! I learned a lot!

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