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Two of my enemies directly resemble me and my buddy. for example my older enemy (who never liked me and bullied me for no reason) looks like the doppleganger of my mate, even same kind of glasses except he's bigger than my enemy by about 60-70 pounds. the other one has no difference aside from hair color. he even has my dimples too they're both like negative versions of my friend and me..weird..the creepiest part is that they both share the same birthdays (including year) as me and my friend by as little as a week! have you ever met your doppleganger before?
Alexander1337 Alexander1337 16-17, M 4 Answers Dec 4, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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Yes. : )<br />
<br />
And no. : (

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maybe you are triplets separated at birth

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