A young person between about fifteen and twenty-five.
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yes, I was born in 1951 and witnessed the birth of rock and roll. Except for surf music and bubble gum in the early 60's, rock music was great in the 60's and 70's. Disco in the 80's left me missing the good old days, did sample the 90's some but didn't find much I liked, modern music is okay, but it lacks the soul rock used to have

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Not in the conventional sense. I loved Maybach Music, which I discovered in my youth, and although there is not much of it about now, I still love it and its the best.

In terms of 'musical' music, I didn't like much as a young person. Not for me the 'pops' of The Stones, T Rex and Eric Clapton.

It wasn't until the modern age of synthesizers and electronica that I discovered the music I had been waiting all my life for.

So overall my answer would be a 'no'

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Jail break - AC/DC

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Don't Be Cruel.

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