I was just watching the movie Eyes Wide Shut by the master Kubrik, and it definetly made me curious about the subject. Some say the governemetns and politics control the media and even celebrities, musicians are part of such organisations..
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Yeah Freemasonery

All you have to do is listen carefully to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, beyonce, jay- Z's songs backwards so satanic

Also significantly is Lady Gagas vids the signs are there (bullfighter)

Rihanna in Umberella ( The rain man)

What a ****** up place our world is...

Anyway heres some links /> />

just type in subliminal messages on youtube and you'll find a whole lot more...Iv'e been researchin this for quite a while

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Yes, I guess in this world you can find anything, from satanic cults, freemasons to reptillian and God-knows-what else..

Lady GaGa videos are so subliminal, almost in our faces..manipulating at its highest. And those pyramid and eye symbols are everywhere..

And lately, I heard she put some implants in her face like`s sad really, can`t be a video without trashing morals, nuns or who knows else. And the saddest part is that some consider her a model. I don`t even begin to think about Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus kids :)

I`m curious to what point this "freedom of expression" will evolve? Skanky robotic girls or reptilians lol

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They are called Free Masons but I used to work for my Uncle and Grandfather who owned a masonry company and we never worked for free. Secret society that controls certain things? Absolutely, money is power and if there is a group composed of rich people then they have the power to control whatever they want. But they do not control the world. They may control the media, etc. but they can't control the people, yet

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There actually was an elitist group called the Illuminati, about the 14th century, which was comprised of a group of intellectualists, who wanted to overthrow all the then-current governments and replace them with an intellectual elitist oligarchy. They gained prominence with their clever manipulation of the public of their time, and amassed a vast fortune. Some claim they never really disbanded or died out; they claim that the Illuminati still function today. Interestingly, members of the Illuminati, or "enlightened ones", tended to also be high-ranking masons.

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"illuminati" is really a poor name for it, if you want my opinion, as the current bunch of puppetmasters have no relation, nor even much similarity to the "Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria." However, if you're asking me if there's a group of global elite who are running the show behind the scenes, the answer is definitely yes.

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Do the Illuminati exist in the sense of their past incarnation as some of the most elite scientific minds in the world? No. Sad to say.

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the free masons have a temple 20 mins from where I live. They don't hide it either...

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Yes, they are commonly called Mason, free mason, and shriners. But they don't rule the world, no one does different governments, political, religious, and buisness groups control various parts of it.

If their is a group that controls 60-70% of the world they are doing a poor job of it!

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Yes.Its been around for a long time.All The most influential people belong to this secretive organization...even the rappers sing their praise.

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