drawned to them? In my case it is my brother. What about you?

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I have an Aunt, my Father's Sister, I am the only blood relative that visits now as I like her.She swears, farts and leaves the whole family without a name, they are all shites except me.

She has about £5 million in the bank and a house worth £3 million in London, no Children of her own and her husband died 10 years ago.

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I don't consider them an embarrassment. What I do think is embarrassing is when my dad talks about my brother like he is a lowlife who makes stupid mistakes with his life. I hate that. He should be supportive of his son, not dissing him every chance he gets. I feel sorry for my brother, but I don't want to have a relationship. Even though that is the case, I don't go around bad mouthing him! I hope he gets better one day.

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For some reason a lot of people in my family had a problem with my grandmother. Personally I think it's because she finally stopped allowing them to use her for money. As soon as she stopped handing out cash and expensive presents, my family just kind of turned against her.

Not me. I think she was the most wonderful person I have ever met, and I strive to live up to her every day. She was a huge inspiration to me, no matter what my family thinks.

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Same with my family. She is getting toward the end of her life, and the end of her financial reserves. Just because that is true doesn't mean I'm going to stop being kind to her. I love my gram. My aunt took advantage of my gram's money for her kids' college tuition. My aunt will not have anything to do with helping take care of my gram now that she is getting very old. Sad.

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I AM that person in my family. Seriously. You should definitely go with your feelings towards your brother, as long as he is cool with you.

I would bet that your brother is unusually intelligent; you probably are, too, if you feel so close to him.

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