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I hate insects in general but the reason why they mainly scare me so much is because of an incident i had during the last Cicada season where one got into my shoe and no one believed me.
xRockGlossPrincessx xRockGlossPrincessx 18-21, F 4 Answers Jul 10, 2014 in Community

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Spiders hate those

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I have a legitimate phobia of red lights >.<

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xD How?!!!

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I have absolutely no idea. According to my mom, I always have been. They legitimately stimulate an anxiety attack.

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Sooo do you like close your eyes when you go for a drive? Or....

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No no, not like that. Like... red lights in complete darkness. Tail lights are fine, unless like... it's in the middle of the woods in the night and I see them without warning. Like... red LEDs or night lights.

Earlier this year, I bought a little fountain that changes color. It would cycle through about 12 colors in two LEDs, one slightly offset from the other. Now and then, the two colors would be the same. Sometimes they'd land on red, and I'd start freaking out for about five seconds until the color changed.

Then the thing broke... and it happened to break with the two LEDs stuck on red. That was not a happy moment for me.

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