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Superglue their fingertips to their nipples.

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Before you fart, squat above their face and quickly put tape on their mouth. That way they have no choice but to smell the fart

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The last person that messed with me in my sleep got a steel toed boot to the knee.

don't be a ****.

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Dress up like a robber and leave a valuable item close to them then as they wake up they scream as you say don't move.

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i ussually *** on there face its really funny i did to my mom one time.

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Put flour in a hair dryer and blow it in their face

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Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is open all you can see is newspaper.

Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door.

When the person wakes up they will push through the paper and cause a massive crash of cans.

This will work out when you sleep with new friends.

Make sure the one you want to disturb is sleepy and not slept.

Dip your fore finger and the thumb with a bit of water.

Move towards the person, you want to disturb, make the sound of a kiss and gently touch his/her lips softly with the wet fingers.


Put baby oil on their toes - it will make them while sleeping move their toes all night, so the next day they will be very tired and cranky.

Wait till they fall asleep, then tear a small piece of paper. Roll it and then tickle with it in nose and ears and watch them slapping themselves thinking that is a mosquito.

Wait till they're asleep then put their middle finger (either hand, try their writing hand, it works the best) in a cup of warm water, then watch the magic. Sometimes this prank doesn't always work but my friend did however wet himself (make sure they're not sleeping on your bed).

Silly string! lots of silly string! Spray it all over the person while there sleeping then use fake spiders and put them in the silly string (be prepared for a big clean up day though).

If you have a bag of potato chips and green nail polish then this is a wonderful prank to pull (this works better on boys and brothers):

Invite some friends over for a sleep over.

Wait till its real late.

Boys get hungry so they will want something to eat.

Bring them a bag of potato chips and say in a warning voice, "if you guys eat these, your nails will turn green in the morning after you wake up."

They won't believe you and they'll dig in, make sure you don't eat any, instead have an apple or orange.

Make sure it looks like you feel asleep first, then wait till the others have fallen asleep, go into the bathroom and wait 5-10 minutes then flush the toilet.

Make sure while you made your trip you got the green nail polish.

Go to your bed very quietly and pretend to go to sleep just in case someone woke up.

After awhile get up and get a flash light, make sure either you, your mom, or your sister is good at painting nails.

Get them to paint your buddies nails and then go to sleep.

You might get an early wake up call from your friends as they shockingly take in there newly green nails.

Laugh at them and say, "I told you so." They'll be owned and you'll have a good laugh.

P.S. make sure that you later tell them is was only a prank and it can come off with nail polish remover(if your doing this prank on your brother just make sure you did steps 4 and 5 wait till he's asleep and make your move, it works just as good).

Classic pranks are always the funniest (and the most forgivable). Put shaving cream on their hand, and tickle their nose with a fake feather.

You can put their hand in hot water.

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Put whipped cream on their hand and tickle their nose with a feather. It will work, trust me

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get some markers and while she/he are sleeping draw a funky design on thier eyelid

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Zip tie he/she to their bed or whatever you can so they can't move. If you have a friend over, then tie it to their hand or foot

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Wet spaghetti noodle; move it across & in their ear.

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get lots of alarm clocks and you know the rest!

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Ice cubes in stragic locations.

Inviting the dog or cat on the bed, when they do not normally visit there.

Take all the blankets and just leave a sheet.

A largepan of water where they place their feet when getting up.

Take all the bathrobes, and covering so that when ya yeall "Fire" or "Your car has just been hit." and they want to go outside, all they got to wear is the sleepwear.

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While he or she sleeps, drive their body into the depths of a paralyzing either binge, and then harvest the organs of his or her body. During recovery, get him or her unwittingly addicted to the nourishment of the mystery stew you've feed him or her.

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put fake blood on your hands and just sit beside the bed and start screaming.

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Turn the hose on them.

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Buy some of those fake fire things and set him on "fire" I garantee you that it will be a live changing experience for the one set on "fire".

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