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Anto815 Anto815 46-50, F 3 Answers Nov 1, 2010

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People making fun of learning disabled people, messy bathrooms, people add me on FB but don't talk me.

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Kids in college/straight out of college who are convinced they know everything about how the world works.

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People that sit their glasses on the coffe table without using a coaster,<br />
Couging and not covering their mouth<br />
Using the restroom and forgetting to spray<br />
Leaving dirty dishes in the sink (regardless if it's one utensil)<br />
Dirty house (ewww)<br />
Poor hygiene <br />
People who try to hard to be something or someone their not<br />
My main pet peeve is selfishness I can't stand that unattractive trait in anyone.

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