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My younger bother has been in a nursing & rehab facility for approximately 15 yrs. Do to diabetes, it caused him to lose his eye site and both his legs. However until this past May he had been living in AR which made it difficult to enjoy his company & visit, but now that he is back in Nj we spend as time as possible together to bring joy to him and share life understanding that other wise he would have very little to look forward to considering all the restrictions of his daily life.
KinkyJerseyCpl KinkyJerseyCpl 46-50 1 Answer Dec 31, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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My father spent the last three years of his life, in a nursing home. My mother missed only about five days, spending most of her days with him. Those five days, were for her other family functions. She would often visit at odd hours, to assure he wasn't neglected by the off shifts. She found him lying in dirty, or wet clothes at first, and got that straightened out.<br />
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When my mother was briefly, in a nursing home, we worked out a schedule. She was visited every day, by one of us. The visitor would usualy feed her the evening meal.<br />
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It is a sad situation. I would suggest daily visits from some family member, especialy if he is mentally allert. Rotation of visitors helps lessen the burdon

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