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They are on my shins .. out of sight from normal office work. They are also extraordinarily elaborate and I had each done in Nuka Hiva by Akitini, who didn't charge me much at all for the 8 hours work entailed to do both.

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foot, ankle . left side - ribs

gettin a new one tomorrow going somewhere ???

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I have one behind the neck say `` what goes around comes back around`` .. btw there`s a group abt tatoos , u can find so much there.

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i have 4

orginal was a rose on back shoulder age 17, so messed up people thought it was a spider from distance ugh long story

did a cover up on it, turn it into a butterfly with the goddess as the body

wrist bracelet tat

oak leaf for strenght on right foot ,hurt like crazy

and newest

is a sea turtle on right wrist

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on my ankle

i have a


brightblue/pink gekko

crawling up my leg...

love it

joyinthejourney, clg

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I have Danger Mouse on the nape of my neck, a purple dragon on my right hand, my childhood imaginary friend on my chest (left side), a kitten on my left forearm with "Gran" underneath, a black cat with pawprints on my right forearm and "Paul" from the movie of the same name on the underside of my left forearm :)

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Ive got rings on 2 of my toes... theyre my latest ones and I love them

A star on my wrist its only little but I like it

A tribal rose on my lower back... that was my first one and I still love it

Shooting stars on my foot

Flowers on my hips one either side... i think they look really cute :-)

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Workng on my sleeve.... Gt a cupcake..bee...n two toy soldiers..

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Nope. Never had the desire

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i have my back done 'i love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you are yet to be with my kids names/butterflies around, a pink rose & purple rose on my wrist, and 2 on my that says no lies, just love...amor vincit omnia (love conquers all) and on the opposite side of my chest an anchor with 'refuse to sink' with waves around :)

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Yes i hav 6 ...

one sun .. one mermaid .. mu Best Friend name ... N my X's name too ...

Friend or foe ... my fav song of t.A.T.u ...


Love sign inside my name ...

all s r on my hands ... partly visible.. :-))

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Thank YOU 4 Tag ..

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my ex name on my back

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never names, bad omen

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I don't. I wanted phoenix wings on my back, but don't like the idea of having that when I'm old and grey. :/

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I have a tattoo of a butterfly eating a dinosaur, it's temporary ;)

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