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I've been dreaming a lot about jewelry and high school colleagues! I also dream about cats frequently.
MissNN MissNN 26-30, F 10 Answers Jun 29, 2012

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Mostly of me turning into characters from my favorite shows and movies as well as reoccuring animals such as koalas, and certain types of fish.

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I often dream that I am in school...either high school or college. But they are different settings from the schools that I attended. Sometimes a familiar face is in there, but often enough, the cast is unfamiliar. Sometimes I will revisit a house or some other place I've been to before in a dream. More and more, my dreams are becoming more detailed and getting longer and more involved. It's a bit bizarre to me, and I'm thinking it's one of the reasons I no longer get a good night's sleep.

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Walking through my high school, first day, trying to find the office so I know which classes to go to.

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