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Hello, I am am a mother of a teen boy with ADHD and I am looking for tips.
soniaho soniaho 36-40, F 1 Answer Aug 23, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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In small bites, while they are doing something else. I did chores with my boys and we would talk a lot at those times. I had twins with

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I do many things with my boy and he communicates, however he does not speak about his feelings or fears. He is very short with his answers and seems that doesn't want to be bothered. He also lies often...

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That sounds familiar. You will have to be creative. Don't ask how was school. Ask did you see your friend today? I bet your were happy to see him. Was art class fun? Little bites at a time. Their minds race at a maddening pace if unmediated. My ped. Told me that one son was okay without but one needed it. I wouldn't do it for a long time. The doctor asked me to try it for one week and I agreed. The first day I did, the teacher called me before the kids could even walk home and asked me what happened to him. He finished all his work for the first time ever. He went from a F student to an honor roll student that year.

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So, did you son replied with long answers or would he just say "he is okay"? It seems that I have been doing what you did as well, but my son only does better at school when he knows I am watching. I feel that I know nothing about him, even though I am involve in everything about his life. For example, he was allowed to go outside to ride his bicycle in the area. He noticed he could go to another neighborhood and decided to take off, returning home at the time he was told to return. A month later some neighbor told us he saw him 10 miles away from home. My son denied that until he had no choice but to admit it. Later, he did it again. While his last adventure he fell off the bike and broke his elbow. I am very discouraged with this situation and now I can't let him go out by himself. He is 14 and I am afraid for his safety later on his life.

Thanks for taking the time to help me SweetMae.

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You are very welcome.

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