I've read some journals and lab reports where the scientists do not indent in the first paragraph of the sections in the report. But my professor gave us a sample of a lab report that was an A and the guy indents in every paragraph. I'm kinda of confused now
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always follow the sample, thats why he showed it

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I am IN a tech writing class right now. Block format is definitely used in professional and business documents, but not necessarily in scientific stuff unless it's a proposal or some sort of advertisement that is sometimes mislabeled a "white paper." However, a lot of trends are going in that direction, but not necessarily academia. You should always follow the sample provided by the professor. They like to trick you to see if you're paying attention.

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No. Lab reports are like business letters, after a paragraph there is a double space which serves as an indent. Better still, I believe that Google knows everything. Ask this same question in the information bar. There will be an answer.

I'm sure South Park is correct.


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i've been told that block paragraphs (no indent) are only used in business correspondence. i didn't take a lot of science classes, but i generally used whatever form the individual professor preferred. So - i'd follow the sample your teacher gave you for any assignments for this teacher. don't worry about figuring out what's "universally correct" - different teachers have different preferences. i'd just indent as per the sample, or even ask the prof what they prefer. they don't mind telling you. good luck!

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