Well after reading most of these answers I'm bewildered!
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I do vote although not for the main two players since they have screwed things up a little too much over the past decades. I would like someone NEW to give it a shot and try to make things right.

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I have never voted for the simple reason I have never heard any one talk about stuff I was interested in such as

ending all animal abuse that means all hunting, all age control laws

giving people back full control of there property creating a true democracy where the people can vote on any dam thing they want when and only when they start talking about the stuff I am interested in will I start voting...

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nice answer.

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I am opposed to "get out the vote" campaigns.

If someone is so apathetic and ignorant on the issues that it takes a massive PR campaign to get their lazy ***** to the polling place, do you want their ignorant and uninformed vote to cancel out the votes of intelligent and aware people? Welcome to government by the marching morons.

(Oh, but wait... I guess our current results makes it obvious that these get out the vote campaigns are effective.)

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What would make a bigger change: everyone votes or no one votes? Because whatever we're doing now isn't cutting it.

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Meh, i don't vote.

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