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do you get what you're hoping for? when you look behind you there's no open door.........

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This song always made me melancholy. Even though the movie has a happy ending.

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Same here!!

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hello ,,no one knows where life will take us ,,sometimes i like things life showing to me ,,sometimes i do not ,,in both cases i have to do my best to be happy and makes others happy too if i could ,,,we have to try to be stronger ,,more brave as life is not easy ever,,we have to study ,work ,,try new things to have a life that is best for us ,,all human need love ,smile,health,education.,,good home and friend,plus respect and a job that makes life more sweet,,some rest on beach ,,,all those is where are we going every day ,,,good luck

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Know where I'm going to?

Do I like what I'm learning about life?

Right now, no. Life is a hard teacher. No gold stars either.

I'm surprised at where I've been. I don't know where I'm going. For all I know, I'm already there.

Uh...I hope not.

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Who me? Oh, I guess I might go to the store some time later in the day.

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