How? Just become a witch and you can do spells and make wishes. The main secret of witchcraft is you have to believe in the spells and have no shreds of doubt. Doubt is a devil it prevents many things from happening by those afflicted with it. 3 wishes is sufficient for me $6,000 monthly and a soul mate and happiness for me and my soul mate on 2nd thought make the 3rd wish happiness for everyone except bullies!
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witchcraft sounds more devilish then doubt. So if i get a cauldron and buy a flying broom and if i really really wish to have a ps4 with gta 5... you're saying i would get it? sign me up! I need to work on my evil witch laugh you give classes for that or should I youtube it?

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Witchcraft creed is Do as thou will but harm none!
How's that devilish?

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