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Do we sometimes get too concerned and not give children the freedom when it comes to gifts as we are too wrapped up in making sure everything is perfect? I told my partners children they had a set amount to spend each on their Dad for his Birthday. Had to chase them today as they still hadn't come up with any ideas and I was starting to worry I wouldnt have time to get everything delivered. Was kinda worried what the outcome would be with giving them total free choice on what to buy but so far seems to be going quite well. I can see the logic behind their choices and each gift would be easy to guess which child it was from.
LittleRedShoes LittleRedShoes 31-35 3 Answers Feb 17, 2012

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I've always done the shopping but this Xmas I will let my son do it because it's experimental and fun now that you all explained. Thanks.

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When I was a kid my mom would give me some bucks and send me into the drug store to buy gifts for my family for Christmas and Birthdays. She never told me what to get. I usually ended up getting perfume for her (she loved Emeraude) and board games or art supplies for my sisters. The occasional gifts for males (uncles, grandfather, and such) were usually shaving supplies, cheap cologne advertised on TV, or car cleaning supplies. Whether they liked what I got them or not, they always showed sincere appreciation which made me beam, which made them happy. It was a closed loop system.<br />
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I did the same with my daughters when they were living at home. Gave them some cash and turned them loose. They did fine.<br />
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I think kids love the opportunity to give gifts they select.

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I think its nice but many people seem reluctant to relinquish control of the gift purchases these days. I think the kids will be much happier having been in charge of choosing the gift and I think it is a good start on understanding what you can get for your money.

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