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Some people are so used to getting treated badly that they think its normal when its not ???
le3tu le3tu 18-21, M 6 Answers Sep 24, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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i rather be treated kindly i like the old saying treat me like crud and i treat you the same lol treat me like i am brainles or like inmate or like i am just a incomptent and i going to treat you the same or as i say standing your groud on some things is good evin if i may not like that for a bit but at least your honest and careing and let me live my life to some degree thats one thing but look at me and treat me like we did those who back in the day would have ben called a retard i will not be happy with you treat me as a person with rights with a brain with a voice and we be ok treat me like my thouts do not mater or like i do not understand and like i just someones cute litel lost ward who should be under a full guardianship and i will act like a ward from hell cos i will kick your but! or at least use some rather rude words

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I want to be treated with respect and trust. Anything less then that, I would rather be single then be with someone whose nasty. I can not take women who would rather tolerate a an abusive relationship then be with a person like me treating them like a queen. I wish I could do something to end this cycle so they could be happier.

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I demand respect. All the time, especially in front of people, I want my SO to be kind and respectful. In the bedroom, however, I want to be treated like such a titslut/*****/slave. But I don't know whether there is a switch for that - like here I want respect and there I want degradation. Is it possible?

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