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Yeah. If I'm mad I prefer to listen to heavy rock music. If I'm in a chill mood I like jazz music. If 'm sad I put on blues or sad pop, rock, R&B songs.

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you read my mind. heavy metal is for getting all the anger out and classical rock or jams sets the chill mood.

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For dreaming, romantic classical piano

For beer drinking OLD CLASSIC country (thank you George Jones)

For Lovemaking Enigma (Sadness) it's sexy

For meditation Faery Ring or Christophores Dream

For feeling "free" 70's~~"Dust In The Wind" and "Imagine" come to mind~

For Saturday Afternoons, Madame Butterfly~

For Sunday mornings in Bed~ nature sounds~

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We can say that! The mood has an affect in how we could be different genre for me.

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Punk when I'm riding my bike, Indy when I'm flying cross country, Alternative Rock when I'm partying with friends, and Country (traditional, not pop) when I've been dumped

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I like everything from Classical to Frank Zappa. It just depends on my mood at the moment.

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