The Idea A man took his daily walk Down a path trodden by none The trees hid the destination  And thorny plants grew on the side. Everyday he marveled at it's beauty, Everyday he strode in wonder, Everyday he saw a new marvel, Everyday he saw the new undiscovered path gleam. One day he brought a friend with him, He too gasped in wonder, The next day the friend's friend came, Left agape in amazement. Hordes of people followed, The path became like any other, It was transformed into an highway, So that everyone could share that wonder. Today it is an ordinary thing, The path lost it's gleam, The path lost it's difference, The path lost the wonder. The man is old now, He still walks by it everyday, Proud of what it became, Only in his death bed he repents and regrets. The man saw that the path no longer remained, The path which he saw once did exist any more, It became a shadow, A shadow of an idea that once existed and glowed.
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No, I hate poems that don't rhyme, I believe it can't truly be a poem unless it rhymes, I find rhymes to be beautiful.

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I'm not trying to be mean btw, just saying my opinion.

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Oh i didn't think like that, I smiled because only a poet of excellence can write a meaningful rhyming poem

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I've tried before, mine were mediocre. I love reading ones though, especially emotional ones with meaning, just like the one you have here. Except with rhymes.

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I don't just write love poems... heck most of mine are about other stuff!

I Stand You There

I stand you there

In a place I need you

Stand so still

And so tall

Feel so rigid

Spread your legs

Hold right there

Stand for me

Locked in place

Stay so steady

Are you ready

Head aligned

Camera placed

Timer set

Without you

Pictures blurry

What would I do

If not for you

My trusted friend

My steady companion

My one and only

My tripod

Kevin H

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I think I read this poem or episode similar to this..good poetry..words if rhymed and melodious would have got you an A..but then..look at the path getting transformed into a road....why do EP has love poetry more than on roads and highway..hmmmm because not evry highway was a path....:))

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I personally do not like this poem.

And why do people at EP write only love poems? Well I don't think that's true.

And it's even arguable if the stuff you find at EP could be called poetry.

But that's just my opinion : )

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Because they are anxious self-conscious teenagers.

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