I enjoy mine for the most part, would like to hear your thoughts..
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Being retired is my job, and I like it. My wife keeps finding ways of interfering with it though.

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Well I am a military personnel. It has good and bad sides both.

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Yes, very much.

I enjoy the job of a shepherd that I can smell grass fragrance on meadows.

I enjoy the job of a school child that I can read and write.

I enjoy the job of an English teacher that I can assist my school children to communicate with people from other countries.

I enjoy the job of a railway man that I can write poems concerning travelling by train.

I enjoy the job of an officer that I can stop my soldiers from shooting other human beings.

I enjoy the job of a prisoner that I can get rid of worldly attachment.

I enjoy the job of a translator that I can keep on learning.

I really enjoy my life with thankfulness to God in giving me paid and unpaid jobs for the development of potentialites He bestows on me at birth.

It seems that no one is born to be unemployed or to suffer with jobs. Perhaps, suffering is only the fruit of false thinking.

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Yes! I love my job. Then again I'm also my own boss...

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Nope, I actually quit today.

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Hmm.. well maybe that means there is a better opportunity waiting :)

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Yeah, I absolutely hated working there.

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