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Not anymore. Returning to the real world is pretty harsh. Women hate each other and are cruel to each other all in the name of keeping some guy. Men collect trophies and discard you when you no longer serve their needs, and seem to have no residual feelings toward you as you lie there in the heap. I know not all women and men are like this. But right now, that is what I am surrounded with.

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Yossarian.. .. yes. it is like that :(

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We all make our own REALITY,or FANTASY every day, as long as one does not out ***** the other it

is perfectly good living.

Greetings Hierman

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no! you can't make me leave!!

My igloo is really cozy, won't you come in for tea?

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no my world is so morbid they wont let me live in fantasy land

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..and what's reality ?


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I think the people in this city think they live in a fantasy about how wonderful they are. In reality they are so not together as a group.

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De plane, boss! De plane!

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We all do... Don't you agree that Earth Planet is a FANTASTIC place???



Well, you know, we each perceive the world through our own filters - of what we like or don't like, what we want to happen or fear happening... And so the same world is different for different people.

But if you can let down your filters and just BE... for instance in Nature, the world is still a wonderful place to be in. Absolutely magical, on occasion.

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Only when I'm trying to go to sleep.

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I live in fantasy land when I need to escape from the sh*t going on my life.

Sometimes pretending my life is different helps me to deal with things.

Its always important to remember its just a fantasy though, I always try not to believe that my fantasies might come true.

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