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I laugh at how serious I took things

Then .

I regret nothing other than maybe

Broken heart at 21 not good

I over did drink drugs woke up

6 years latter .

Having restart my life !

That's life

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Oh yeah!

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yes i look back every day that age i dont no everything even dont no how to fight for life and demage everything i wish i could go back and change my whole life.

but know i am trying to come over it so no more watch back that is horrible for me

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Actually I was serving my second year of seven years of service. Was not focused on life goals only existing. But that is better than some and worse than others.

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I was married in hell.....raising a child....had no time to be a goof....

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Speeding at 125 mph on a motorcycle in a 40 mph limit frequently.

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No. I like the kid that I was.

I look back at my early twenties and think how STUPID some of my decisions were.

I let that kid down.

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Yes, and thank God I'm still alive.

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