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Rolle2323 Rolle2323 61-65, F 3 Answers Dec 9, 2010

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I do. All those tips say they help families, not single people. Its always about the children and I don't have any. So I'm not eligible. <br />
<br />
Also, in order to get a hand out, you can't just walk up and ask for it, you need to sign your life away. They want to know all of your financial info, so forget privacy, they'll want account numbers and which bank and how much is in your savings, what kinds of collateral you have (cars, tvs, stuff) and what is your annual income, with whom and will want a copy of your last paycheck as well as copies of all your bills. After you provide all this personal info, then you can get a hand out. Like cheese. If you earn over a really small amount of money like $5k, then you're not eligible and they still have all that info about you and will share it with marketing companies to sell you stuff. <br />
<br />
So as much as I would like some help, I think I'll go without, thanks.

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Did they send you here?

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Yes I do scamed by a cash advance. They took all my savings can't pay my rent this month and have a 11 year old child. I'm not lazy work full time as a nurse just wish my live would get better for the season need some help

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