I like the guys that attract my eyes but scared to look at them cause I'm not good enough for them I'm stupid
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No, you don't have to be thin, you just have to find yourself a chubby chaser.

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If you're not good enough for you, you're certainly not good enough for anyone else. Work on yourself first

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why do i need to be thin so that you can find someone?

have i missed the point?

respect, from robbie

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Don't worry!

Just try eating 1200 calories a day, and the weight HAS to come off! Just stick to it, and don't stop! Even if you eat more one day, don't get discouraged! Just keep trying, and the weight literally HAS to come off.

You can use this online eating-diary to keep track of your weightloss and of what you eat. You can also meet new people, like weightloss buddies.

It's called "myFitnessPal." if you have a iPod or iPhone you can download the app for free!

The important thing Is, you already took the first step and realized this problem.

A few helpful things:

-drink ONLY water

-NO eating out unless it's healthy,and you know the Calorie amount in the meal.

-Fast foods tend to have ALOT of calories in the meals. So don't get mcdonalds because some things are a Dollar,etc. I eat these frozens that are cheap, for like a dollar. I particulary like "Michelinas Bake Ricotta." I think thats the name! lol :)

also try Chef Boy ardee chili mac, and add some crackers. Those are cheap foods, and pretty low in calories.

-treat your daily calories like MONEY.

--Only eat at certain times! Stick with it too. I advise you to not eat any earlier than 10am, and Never past 6pm. That's what I do to maintain 105lbs. It gives your body plenty of time to rest from "eating." also, it depends on when you wake up,etc. So you can make your own rules on what time you can't eat past.

-exercise! Doesn't half to be every day! A little 30min walk outside every few days would be nice. Seeing nature and getting fresh air should male you feel refreshed.

And my last little tip....

~NEVER GIVE UP.~ no matter how bad you may fail over your eating goal, remind yourself just because you failed Today, doesn't mean you will tomorrow. Try listening to your favorite and inspirational songs to get you motivated, even write a letter TO yourself, let your feeling out in the letter. So when you feel like your gonna fail, read it :)

your gonna read that letter and be like "you know what, I'm done feeling that way."

well this is pretty long! Sorry! xD and sorry for any typos, I'm on my iPod.

I wish you the best of luck! You CAN do this. Get off the medication too, our bodies don't need it =}

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I would like to get off the meds but my mum and sister, nurse will be on my back if i don't take them

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Look, you are in charge of YOU. This is YOUR life, not your parents life, or your sisters.
You say they will be on your back if you try and get off them? Well, ok....That means they DO care. So try and make them support you in getting OFF the meds, and be supporting of you wanting to lose the weight in a different way, a more natural way.
Whats the worse that can happen? Are they gonna force feed you the meds?
Try explaining you wanna lose the weight without medications. Show them you have your heart set on doing it by just eating better,etc.
The only person that can help you reach your goals, is really YOU.
You need to ask yourself "am i ready to lose the weight?"
and "am I ready to change my life, for the better?"
You cant lose the weight if your not READY to throw your old habbits away, or if your not motivated.
You live ONE time, remind yourself that.
You wanna be HAPPY, and become who you wanna be. So do it. The next time they say take them, dont do it. Explain why, and thats it. If they try fighting with you, walk away.
Just drink ONLY water, no eating out, go for a short walk every few days to enjoy nature, and eat 1200 calories a day. If 1200cal is a little hard, try 1500cal a day. (dont go lower than 1200cal. Your body may go into starvation mode, and you'll end up gaining more weight back down the road.)
I was Never overweight in my life, but Iv had my share of gaining 10lbs, starving myself for a week,etc.
I remember I starved myself and went down to 100lbs. Then I ate ALOT and went up to 115lbs. I was about to starve myself again, but then I asked myself "why? Im just gonna gain it back and go through this AGAIN."
So, thats when I started eating 1200cal. like i use to, drinking ONLY water, not eating before 10am and never past 6pm, and 3months later I got down to 105lbs again.
It took me 3 MONTHS to lose 10lbs. It took so long because My body was in starvation mode, but I stuck to my rules, and I got down to 105lbs again.
So dont starve yourself, that will back-fire on you.
How long have you been trying to lose weight?
Have you lost a few pounds or anything?
What are your eating habits? Do you like to eat out,etc.?

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the last time I did stop the meds I ended up back in hospital that iswhy they r on my back, I have had a personal trainer for a year but I stopped it cause it cost me too much I did lose weight but not enough to be thin I don't eat out everday it is not a regular thing I do just occasionally I will start the gym tomorrow I will try

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How did you end up in the Hospital??

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paranoia I have schizophrenia

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Sorry to hear that.
You should really try to get off any medication your on, regardless of what it is.
People seem to think they REALLY "need" medications to live, or get through the day. Most of them never realize they dont need, it.
Like, what do people do when they get a cold? Most people would run to the store, and get medicine. But really, your body is capable of healing itself, and it needs to learn how to.
Sometimes, its just best to let your body do the "work" and heal itself on its own.
I know getting off the medication may sound crazy, and you think you will go insane without it. But you half to try and "heal" yourself without the medication, if possible.
Maybe it would be a good idea to have family near by when you get off it, so they can support you when you go through it? Or try to listen to music to keep busy,etc. I dont know, im not a doctor haha :)
anyway, you should try and eat how I said. It would be great to get a message from you one day saying You lost the weight, and reached your goals :)

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Exercise works. The simple thing you have to remember is calories in must be LESS than calories out and you will lose weight. But, like everyone else, I think you are using your weight as an excuse for not even talking to a guy you like. You need to refocus your mind. I used to think that certain women wouldn't like me because I have a slim, cyclist's body and all women like muscle bound men. While it's true that not all women do find me attractive I am one gorgeous man, good looking and very charming. Women do find me highly desirable, but not all of them. Some of the men that you are attracted to will be attracted back, have you ever thought that they look at you and think, "she's so gorgeous that she must have a boyfriend.

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If your going to do something make sure its done right, exercise, don't forget the most important motto, no pain no gain, When you are jogging, doing a circuit, press ups etc, when it starts to get tough, that's when you really start exercising, then you will see changes quick. And another thing eating is one of the most important part of exercising, so you don't need to worry about not eating, just make sure its reasonably healthy food.

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I know all the rules of losing weight and how I'm suppose to eat I just don't have the motivation

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Either did i. Look at this way, you feel you need to do this right? to make you feel better, more confident, and be healthier, use hat as your motivation, when your exercising tell yourself i don't do this i'll just be the same, miserable, trust me at the end of it the satisfaction you will get if you stick at it, will be better than anything

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yes I know all that, thank you :)

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Not at all. Physycal appearance isnt the only thing that attracts a man.

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Lots of guys like chubby girls.

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