Why? It's one thing to admire beauty but is there a limit when you become obsessive?
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i see things i would like sometimes say for example

expensive items for my house, because iam a person who doesnt like to go

into debt ,i dont go out and get it on my card !, i just save enough until i have the money

to purchase the item,,if its been sold well least i then have the money to choose something else.

i have some nice paintings , i dont collect pictures of pretty people as such

i just like to look at art, that makes me feel good/Happy, sometimes i even let myself

dissapear within that painting,its great escapism.

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NO I have better things to do than worry about pretty people cuz i dont care about looks

yes there is a limit to this its called love infatuation lust.

love is real

infatuation is obsession about someone or something like stalkers do (what do mainstream people do this day damn it....)

lust is a killer it will drag you too hell if you do so be careful

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I have a file of my favorite actresses and models, but the time I spend collecting them is maybe 10 - 15 minutes a week averaged out. Doesn't seem obsessive to me. Funny thing is, once I have a photo I seldom go back and look at them...

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cyber version of harvesting food for the home perhaps.

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yup I collect p o r n-nah it is all the gewd stuff.

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