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I try and stay in touch with most people in my circle and message them every once in awhile but some of them don't reply to my messages. :( And there is others I'm more close with.
laurie37 laurie37 18-21, F 6 Answers Jul 2, 2012

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i dont talk to all of them i have to admit, i have gathered way too many friends lol but i always reply to messages and i stay in touch with quite a few.

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I am closer to some more than others.. I clean house every couple of weeks.. don't want anyone to feel like I just want a "friends" list.. either we have chemistry or not..

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Yeah I hate it when peoole just add friend for the sake of it. like you said I don't add anyone unless I actually have chemistry with them, and everyone in my friends list I really do consider friends.

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