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someone that you used to like but then moved on and realized you will always have feelings for them even though nothing will come of it and maybe you don't even want anything to come from it bc you are currently happy?
mysteriousfeelings mysteriousfeelings 26-30, F 1 Answer May 27, 2011

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yes.<br />
though, I'm not currently in a relationship.<br />
I've known him since I was 12-13 yrs old.<br />
We were together 4 yrs. Engaged. Lived together.<br />
I eventually broke it off with him cause he was dabbling in hard drugs. I did try helping him. Offered support. But to no avail. So... I let him go.<br />
For years, I mean *years* he wanted me back. Show up at my door in the middle of the night etc...<br />
But, at that time, I just didnt feel anything for him.<br />
Until the last time I seen him. He was in a much better place in his life. Finally grew up.<br />
But, by that time, he'd already got into a relationship with another girl. A girl who had lots & lots to offer him. Money wise. He basically admitted he was not in love with her, and simply needed her to get him out of some financial troubles.<br />
He laid in the bed with me that night. Rubbing my face.. my hair. Kept telling me he loved me. That he was going to break up with the other girl once she got back from vacationing with friends of hers.<br />
Silly me - I fell for it.<br />
<br />
Long story short , she ended up pregnant. Now he's stuck with her, at least for now. And miserable as ever. He tries to put on a brave face. Make people believe he's sooo happy. But, you see, once you have known someone for so may yeatrs... they cant really hide their true feelings from you. I know Josh is not happy. He loves his baby boy, but resents her for the financial ties she has dug into him.<br />
He's kinda just... stuck.<br />
I do still love him. He was my 1st love!<br />
But, he's made his choices. Let him live with 'em.<br />
He favored money over what we had, so... let it be.<br />
<br />
It's quite simple......<br />
I'm the Beauty that slipped through his fingers.<br />
She's the chain that binds him down.

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thank you for sharing this story with me!

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nice story of a practical type love of nowadays!

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